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Our Goal

I have created this channel and website to show some of my methods and processes that I go through in order to achieve Field Target success.  I hope you find the videos and advice on this site useful and informative.  Thank you for visiting Field Target Tech.


All About Field Target Tech

The Full Story

My name is Tom Holland, and I've been competing in various shooting sports my entire life.  I began in high school competing in 3 position smallbore, which gave me mild success.   I then began competing in recurve Olympic archery in my collegiate days.  After a shoulder injury sidelined me indefinitely, I gravitated to Field Crossbow competition, which I still compete in to this day.  I currently hold most male indoor national records, and own 21 National Indoor titles, and one Outdoor title.

   I began shooting Field Target in 2010, and over the years have won many local matches, and placed on the podium at various AAFTA Grand Prix events.



Target Tech Slugs

Standard Designs 

1/2  20.06 Grain Rebated Boat Tail Hollowpoint

2S 15 Grain  Flat Base Hollowpoint 

2S  21 Grain Cup Base Hollowpoint 

              I offer .1775 custom pellets (slugs) in the following configurations

Head shape

1/2 ogive solidpoint 

1/2 ogive hollowpoint 

3/4 ogive solidpoint

 3/4 ogive hollowpoint 

2S ogive solidpoint

 2S ogive hollowpoint 

Base shape

Flat Base

Hollow Base

Cup Base

Rebated Boat Tail Base

Any custom weight pellet from 10 grains and up, some lighter weights are not possible, due to certain base/head combinations. 
Contact me for more information. 


Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.